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Hi there, Yxhult!

Forty years ago, we created the perfect winter boot for children, and ever since, Yxhult has been a steadfast companion for countless young adventurers throughout the winter season. In fact, we've heard heartwarming stories of eight children sharing and wearing the same pair of Yxhult boots, a testament to the enduring quality that our brand stands for.


Sturdy and dependable.


Yxhult's design embodies the Kavat tradition – sturdy, dependable, and brimming with smart features. Our material choices have been meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. In the early 2000s, we introduced a thicker rubber outsole to tackle slushy winters, responding to our customers' call for more water-resistant materials.


One of its most cherished features is the generous tongue, designed to keep snow and slush at bay while allowing even the tiniest tots to don and doff the boots with ease. To ensure that Yxhult maintains its shape, we've incorporated internal reinforcements, and our waterproof Kavat leather is exceptionally resilient. For added comfort and warmth, we've lined both the shaft and the foot with a blend of Norwegian wool. The thick, mixed wool felt insole is like a gentle hug for little feet.



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Yxhult isn't just practical winter boots; they are also timeless in their appeal. Cleaning them is a breeze – a damp cloth and mild soap will do the trick, and the removable insole can be replaced if necessary. What's more, their attractiveness means they can easily find new owners if they're not passed down to younger siblings. Their average resale price often hovers around €40, a testament to their enduring popularity and value.


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A cherished item often goes by multiple names, and Yxhult is no exception. Originally known as the "Defender" model, it underwent a name change in the 2010s. Prior to that, it was affectionately called "Warm and Dry," a nod to the memorable 1989 advertisement when the very first model was introduced.

In 2015, we embarked on the practice of naming our shoes after Swedish places or citys, and Yxhult was christened after the quaint community just outside Kumla, renowned for its stone quarries. Just like stones that withstand the test of time, so do our Yxhult boots. It's perhaps this enduring quality that inspired us to choose the name for one of our most beloved children's winter shoes.