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Thermoplastic Rubber
TPR stands for thermoplastic rubber and has properties similar to natural rubber. Soles made of TPR rubber are shock-absorbing, soft, durable, and grip-friendly. The material is not considered environmentally hazardous and is free from prohibited substances. TPR is recyclable, so waste from production and leftover soles are recycled and become new soles. The TPR soles we use have been tested, analyzed, and approved for our EU Ecolabel certified collection.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate
Soles made of EVA are light, shock-absorbing, and are commonly found in sport's shoes and sandals. Some of our soles are made entirely of EVA, while others combine EVA with a rubber bottom to increase durability and grip. EVA is a harmless plastic mixture of vinyl acetate and ethylene. The EVA material used for our soles is lab tested and guaranteed SVHC-free (Substance of Very High Concern).

Natural Rubber
Natural rubber soles are made from raw materials from the rubber tree and are usually mixed with thermoplastic rubber to get good properties for shoe soles. Natural rubber is very durable and has a grip on most surfaces. However, because the material is heavy, most soles have inserts of EVA or cork to be lighter and increase the shock-absorbing properties.

Cork is a natural material harvested from the cork oak when it is 25 years old. Every nine years, the bark is peeled off and processed. Growing cork is good for the environment since the trees are not cut down and continue to bind the soil. Our cork soles contain Spanish cork mixed with natural rubber to get suitable sole materials. The soles are molded in Spain and lined with soft microfiber.

PU is a very light material with good insulating properties and durability. In order for the soles to have a good grip, the bottom of the sole is made of another material, HDPU, which has better anti-slip properties.



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