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Sand WP Ash Rose

Sand is a beach sandal designed for water play. A good protection against hard rocks and sharp objects along the shore. It is made of durable lightweight rubber.

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Sand WP is:


  • Made in PVC-free and recyclable SEBS rubber
  • Guaranteed free of fluorocarbons
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to snapp with pushbutton

Note! Recomended as beach sandal only.


The shoes are easy to machine wash at 30 degrees without fabric softener and take out removable insoles. Dry the shoes upside down at room temperature and impregnate them if necessary, preferably with a water-based spray that is more environmentally friendly.

Remove any insoles for faster drying. As always, when washing, some bleaching and shrinkage may occur.

Size guide

It's a little bit tricky to give one general size recommendation for different shoetypes.


Open sandals - 10-15mm

Closed sandals - 10-15mm

Walking shoes - 10-15mm

Think-lined boots - 10-15mm

Warm-lined boots - 15-20mm

Ruberboots - 15-20mm.


For more information visit this page: Link

Inner measurement

Size Millimeter Inches
21 0 0
23 148 5.77
25 162 6.32
27 176 6.86
29 190 7.41
Amica D.O.O, Derventa, Bosnia & Herzegovina

We produce our popular rubber boots with Amica. The boots are molded in our own molds. The raw material (SEBS) is sourced from API in Italy and is thoroughly controlled to minimize the climate effect. Amica is a large production facility with close to 700 employees. The factory is administrated and own by the Modenese family from Verona.

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Map of suppliers
Amica D.O.O
SKU 2151571876
Style Bathsandal
Upper SEBS Rubber
Closing Button (Adjustable)
Outsole SEBS Rubber
Material WP
Color Ash Rose
Country of Manufacture Bosnia & Herzegovina

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