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Grytgöl Pippi WP White

With inspiration from Pippi, we have developed a new variant of our popular rubber boot Grytgöl.

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Size Helper:
Choosing the right size is no walk in the park. Use this tool to find the best fit!
Help me measure the foot!



If you do not have access to a measuring stick like the ones you usually find in stores, you can place the foot on a paper, slide the paper next to the wall and place the foot on top of the paper with the heel against the wall. Draw a line in front of the longest toe and measure with a ruler. It is important to stand up because the weight of the body will extend the foot by a few millimeters.


You can probably guess which character gave us the idea for the lovely pattern Grytgöl is a light and durable rubber boot that makes your feet ready for new adventures. If you ask any family for the best rubber boot they will most likely say Grytgöl!


  • Made in PVC-free and recyclable SEBS rubber
  • Guaranteed free of fluorocarbons
  • Molded in one piece
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to take on and off thanks to a wide opening
  • Textile lined
  • A perfect complement for mild and rainy days
  • Machine washable in 30˚

Note that: Rubber does not breathe, therefore should a rubber boot only be used as a compliment when it´s wet or raining



Clean your rubber boots with a mild washing-up liquid or machine washed at 30 degrees. Wash removable linings separately. Dry the boots upside down at room temperature with removed insole/lining. Feel free to ventilate the removable linings after use to avoid a bad smell.

Some shrinkage of wool linings may occur.

Size guide

It's a little bit tricky to give one general size recommendation for different shoetypes.


Open sandals - 10-15mm

Closed sandals - 10-15mm

Walking shoes - 10-15mm

Think-lined boots - 10-15mm

Warm-lined boots - 15-20mm

Ruberboots - 15-20mm.


For more information visit this page: Link

Inner measurement

Size Millimeter Inches
21 140 5.46
22 146 5.69
23 152 5.93
24 159 6.2
25 165 6.44
26 171 6.67
27 177 6.9
28 184 7.18
29 190 7.41
30 196 7.64
31 202 7.88
32 208 8.11
33 214 8.35
Amica D.O.O, Derventa, Bosnia & Herzegovina

We produce our popular rubber boots with Amica. The boots are molded in our own molds. The raw material (SEBS) is sourced from API in Italy and is thoroughly controlled to minimize the climate effect. Amica is a large production facility with close to 700 employees. The factory is administrated and own by the Modenese family from Verona.

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Amica D.O.O
SKU 1612562988
Style Rubberboot
Upper SEBS Rubber
Lining Textile
Insole Textile (Removable)
Outsole SEBS Rubber
Material WP
Color White
Country of Manufacture Bosnia & Herzegovina

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