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Hi there, Bodås!

A classic design that stands the test of time and a model to rely on.


A timeless icon for the conscious lifestyle.


In 2008, a pivotal year marked by the rising tide of sustainability and environmental awareness in fashion, we introduced our inaugural line of eco-labeled children's shoes, solidifying our stance in the realm of conscious fashion. However, a resounding demand echoed – adults sought to partake in this conscious, sustainable ethos as well.


From this call emerged Bodås in 2009, drawing inspiration from the iconic elastic-sided boots of the 1970s, renowned as Chelsea or Beatles boots. Bodås embodied the essence of modernity and consciousness, catering to the discerning needs of contemporary consumers.


Bodås 2.0
A classic design that stands the test of time and a model to rely on.
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Yet, Bodås transcends mere footwear. It embodies a profound reverence for both the feet and Mother Nature herself. Every detail is carefully considered by our dedicated product and design team. Bodås was envisioned to mirror the comforting embrace of a cherished pair of jeans – effortless to don and doff (a nod to Swedish custom where shoes are often removed indoors), boasting a generous fit, premium materials, weather resilience, and the promise of evolving into a uniquely beautiful patina over time.


Bodås 2.0
Quality & craftsmanship
A good investment that stands the test of time.
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Indeed, Bodås is more than a shoe; it represents an investment in comfort and enduring style. Since its inception, Bodås has swiftly garnered favor, becoming an indispensable companion for myriad adventures and weather conditions. Whether navigating urban streets or traversing nature's terrain, Bodås stands as a steadfast ally. Moreover, its inclusion in our Repair Service program further underscores its reliability and longevity. Notably, the following year after its debut, Bodås achieved the distinction of becoming our premier adult model certified with the esteemed EU Ecolabel, heralding a new chapter of sustainability.


With Bodås adorning your feet, you embrace not merely a style but a lifestyle – one defined by a commitment to quality, comfort, and above all, conscious choices.