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A day together
"We chose to put all the must-haves aside and just be in the moment that day. That doesn't often happen when you have small children and my partner works long hours. It's always mischief in the air when those three are at it, and that's how it should be. Watching their relationship grow is one of the best things I know, and I'm so glad I captured that feeling with my camera."


Nymölla XC Black
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The magic forest
The forest is a magical place, full of big and small animals, lots of places to discover, and adventures as far as the eye can see. Astrid, 3.5 years old, loves exploring the forest and sometimes sits down to listen if you hear goblins or goblins in the trees.


Nymölla EP
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Leather - natrues own technology
Most of our shoes are made of leather – nature's own functional material. The leather acquires different properties through different tanning techniques, treatments, and surface layers. Here you can read more about our different qualities, so you know which material suits you best!
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