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As New




Right now, As New is only available in Sweden.


Today there are thousands of Kavat shoes on different second hand-websites. We know that people are interested in our shoes, even after some wear and tear. That's why we have opened our first Circular Center in Kumla, Sweden. We recognize our responsibility as manufacturers to make our shoes last as long as possible. This initiative is in line with our vision to be the world's most sustainable footwear company.



Before and after - the difference between shoes just handed in and after our cobbler has done their work. 


How does As New work?


We guess that there, sadly, are a few Kavat shoes out there that are not currently being used. Perhaps you have got some old outgrown kid's shoes in a box. You are welcome to any of our Kavat stores to hand in your shoes. When we have accepted your donation, you get a 20% discount on a brand new pair of shoes!


We then hand the shoes over to our very own cobbler in Kumla who mends any broken seams, polish them, and gives their very best to extend the life of the shoes. 


Now the shoes are ready to find a new home. We publish a few photos on our Instagram account @kavat_asnew. Since each pair is unique, the first one to bid will get the shoes. So keep an eye out for new posts!


Do you have old Kavat shoes lying around?

Get 20% off on a new pair when handing them in!

We'll fix them up in our Circular Center.

Find your new second-hand favourites @kavat_asnew


I want to hand in shoes!


That's great! We love to take your shoes! A few things to have in mind when handing in: your shoes must be clean, whole, and made of leather. We only accept shoes made of leather. We can mend broken seams, but if the leather is torn, the shoe will most probably be discarded. Welcome to any of our Kavat stores!

When you have handed in your shoes, you get 20% on a new pair! The discount must be used at the time of handing in your old shoes. You get a discount on the same category of shoes that you hand in - kid's or adult's shoes.



What do you do with the shoes you receive?


We hand over the shoes to our very own cobbler. In Kumla, we have started our first Circular Center where we do our Repair Service and fix our As New shoes. We take care of the shoes all the way from the moment we get it - to when we ship it off to their new owner.

When we receive a pair of shoes, we do our best to restore it. First of we remove any dirt and bacteria with a steamer. We take out and replace any removable insoles, replace laces or see to that any hook-and-loop fasteners are still in working condition. Shoes that are a little too worn for us to sell, but still have a bit more to give, we donate to charity. If the shoes are beyond rescue and so worn that we can't donate them - we will ensure that the shoes are taken care of and become renewable energy.


How do I buy shoes on Instagram?


Each As New-pair is unique. The same model can return later, but As New works as a second-hand shop: we can only sell what is given to us. Follow @kavat_asnew to be sure that you see the posts early on. 

When you see a model that you wish to purchase, write us a pm and tell us that you want to buy the shoes. If you are the first one to contact us, the shoes are yours. Through pm's on Instagram, we will exchange the information needed to send you your purchase. At this moment, we only accept payment via the app Swish. When we receive your payment and correct information, we will send the shoes to you. 

Right now, As New is only available in Sweden.




Our circular initiative

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