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    Yxhult XC Black

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    Size guide

    It's a little bit tricky to give one general size recommendation for different shoetypes.


    Open sandals - 10mm

    Closed sandals - 10-15mm

    Walking shoes - 10-15mm

    Think-lined boots - 10-15mm

    Warm-lined boots - 15-20mm

    Ruberboots - 15-20mm.


    For more information visit this page: Link

    Inner measurement

    Size 21 142
    Size 22 148
    Size 23 154
    Size 24 161
    Size 25 168
    Size 26 175
    Size 27 182
    Size 28 188
    Size 29 195
    Size 30 202
    Size 31 207
    Size 32 214
    Size 33 221
    Size 34 228
    Size 35 235

    Shoes made in Cross Country Leather are easy to clean with a piece of cloth and semi-hot water.

    They don't need any waterproofing spray or wax if the surface is intact.

    If the leather becomes worn, it is possible to impregnate that area to keep the leather protected.


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