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Pre-used shoes!

We make shoes that withstand the test of time, and we advocate for companies to assume greater responsibility throughout the entire circular lifecycle. Did you know that you can return your old and beloved Kavat shoes to one of our stores? As a thank you, you get vouchers you can use to buy a new pair. We make sure that your old pair of shoes get a new home. Making our history our future! Read more about our process.
Kavat second hand

1,2,3 - easy as can be!

Step 1:
Submit your old favorites
Do you have an old pair of Kavat shoes at home that still has a lot left to give? Dropp them off at your Kavat store and get a voucher. The voucher can be used in our stores. If you got several pairs you’ll get one voucher for each pair. Something to keep in mind is that the shoes should be intact and clean.

When we receive the shoes, we assess them. We have two categories, depending on if the shoes have experienced big or small adventures. If the shoes have experienced small adventures we pay one amount and if its bigger adventures we’ll pay a little less
Categories and assessment
step 2:
Before we sell the shoes we clean them thoroughly and wash them with steam, which kills any bacteria. Then we replace worn-out shoelaces and put in new soles as needed. Before the shoes are ready for the next step, we polish them and moisturize them, so the leather lasts even longer.
step 3:
Second hand, first hand!
Our shoes retain significant second-hand value, with over 20,000 pairs of Kavat shoes being sold on Tradera each year, a testament to their quality. You can purchase our pre-owned shoes through our stores (availability may vary) and conveniently on our dedicated Kavat page on Tradera, where you can find all our listings. Our Pre-used shoes are unique. Each pair sold is available in only one pair.
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