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This policy concerns how Skofabriken KAVAT AB (organization number: 556736-4814) hereinafter ("KAVAT"), handles your personal information. We protect your integrity and treat your personal information following the applicable legislation and regulations for data protection. 

Who is responsible for your personal information?

Skofabriken KAVAT AB is responsible for the handling of your personal information and following the applicable legislation. 

When do we treat your personal information?

KAVAT gathers and treats personal information to enable you to buy on KAVAT also collects personal information to enhance the experience of

Which personal information about you do we treat?

The personal information that KAVAT gathers about you and process are the following:

  • Name and/or VAT-ID
  • Telephone number and E-mail
  • Address
  • Customer number
  • Buying history


  • Information regarding performance and behavior in e-mail campaigns sent from KAVAT and what you click on in our e-mails. Our e-mail software supplier is Mailchimp and Outlook/Exchange.

  • Device information like IP-address, geographical information about the device you visited the service from and web browser settings.

  • KAVAT can in some cases, use information collected by a third party to advertise and measure essential performance indicators. This makes relevant and exciting advertisements possible.

For what purpose do we treat your information?

  • Conduct and uphold our obligation and commitment to the customer during purchasing, invoicing, customer service matters and other service matters

  • Supply our services and handle customer relations


  • Provide you offers and information via newsletters and the website

  • Offer you different payment options


  • Follow existing legislation and accounting laws

  • Prevent fraud and identity theft.

  • To prevent misuse of service and prevent unlawful logins.

KAVAT and third-parties may collaborate to offer you as a customer better service and buy experience. This is to create customized offers and relevant communication. KAVAT wants to ensure that you as a customer, get the most pertinent service; therefore, the need to analyze the use of our services.


The legal ground for treatment

KAVAT treats your personal information according to the existing legislation and we do this when necessary to fulfill an agreement with you or when there are other legitimate reasons to process personal data. It can concern sending out newsletters.


How long is your personal information saved?

KAVAT saves your personal information as long as it is needed for us to fulfill the purpose that the information was collected for. KAVAT keeps the data as long as existing legislation allows it. KAVAT can also save the data to oversee legal interests, such as a judiciary process.

Who do we give the personal information to?

KAVAT can leave your personal information to a third party, such as a supplier of card and communication services, as well as a credit-rating agency when applying for credit during a purchase.

KAVAT can give personal information if this necessary to follow existing laws or governmental requirements, to safeguard KAVAT’s juridical interests or to prevent fraud. We do not sell personal information to a third party. You have the right to terminate the agreement if you do not approve of the change. 

KAVAT can in some cases, use information from other sources. An example of this is for marketing network and measurement tools to get a better understanding of the visitor.

Security for the protection of personal information

The security surrounding your personal information is important to us and we have therefore taken measures to protect this information. KAVAT is responsible for your personal information being treated following existing legislation. KAVAT will, at your request or on our own discretion, correct, supplement or anonymize information that is detected to be incorrect, misleading or incomplete. 



Right to request your personal information

You can free of charge request an extract of the information we have saved about you.

You have the right to correct erroneous information.

You can request to have your information deleted or anonymized if KAVAT is no longer obligated to keep it for the purposes it was collected for. However, there can be laws and government requirements that prevent us from immediately deleting your personal information, such as for accounting or tax legislation. 

For question, please contact us:

Skofabriken KAVAT AB

Radiogatan 2

692 71 Kumla 



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