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A part of our collection is made of or contains textiles of different kinds. No matter the material, we always look for suppliers with attention to people and the environment. We are always looking for the most sustainable alternatives.

    • Conscious Cotton

      Conscious Cotton

      Conscious Cotton is a cotton fabric made from GOTS-certified cotton. The certification number is 1001476 and is produced by Poveda Textile.

    • Recycled Materials

      Recycled Materials

      Shoes marked with the recycled materials symbol are made partially in recycled materials. Our recycled material consists partly of plastic bottles (polyester) and waste from our production (rubber and EVA). This saves resources since it reduces the need for new raw materials.

    • Wool Blend

      Wool Blend

      The wool in our natural materials comes from sheep in Norway. It is Ecolabel certified. Wool threads are very fragile and from experience, we know that a 100% wool lining would wear out much faster than the shoe itself. By weaving together 50% wool with 50% polyester we created a unique and durable Wool Blend for lining. The blend increases the lifespan of the shoe which means that the shoes last longer and are more eco-friendly.


      In the wool-lined rubberbots, the wool comes from sheep in Italy and is not Ecolabel certified but guaranteed mulesing-free.