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What is the difference between waterproof and water repellent?

We guarantee that all our waterproof shoes and boots ​​will be 100% waterproof. 


These models are made with an inner biodegradable membrane of polyester that protects moisture from penetrating. The membrane is made up of small "poressmaller than water molecules but large enough to let in and out and air molecules. 


Some models are "water-resistant" or "water repellent," according to the product descriptionThese shoes are not made with a waterproof membrane. 

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Where is my shoes made?

We have our own factory in Bosnia where we produce most of our shoes. We use partners to manufacture rubber boots, membrane shoes, and textile shoes. You can read more about where the shoes are made on each product page.


You can read more about our production here.

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Will my shoes feel different after a Repair service?

In the case of a Repair service, the outsole is replaced, and the leather is retightened. It will not take long before the shoe has been shaped after your foot again since the leather is soft and elastic.

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How do I take care of my shoes?

We have written a care advice for each product, you'll find it on the product page.


You can read more about our materials here.

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How does "Click and collect" work?

You can easily book a píck up of an article in our Kavat stores. Click on the desired item and select "Pick up in store." Each store has a stock status that is displayed. Choose which store you want to reserve your item. You will receive a notification to your specified email address when your booking is to be picked up.


If you have booked an item in one of our stores, you pay in the store and not on the website. Your booking is reserved for 24 hours.


Please note that this service is only available in Sweden.

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