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EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is the official environmental certification of the European Union, which looks at the full life cycle of a product. It looks at materials and substances used as well as the durability of the product.


The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary scheme, which means that producers, importers, and retailers can choose to apply for the label for their products. The functioning of the EU Ecolabel is set through a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council.


Today, we have certified over 50 models. The certification number is: SE/017/001


In 2008 we certified our very first shoe - Edsbro. 


The life cycle of a product begins with extraction – the mining or cultivation of the raw materials, such as cotton or leather for instance. It continues with manufacturing and packaging, distribution, use and finally the “end of life” stage when the product is disposed of or recycled.


When developing EU Ecolabel criteria for products, the focus is on the stages where the product has the highest environmental impact, and this differs from product to product. Taking a look at footwear, leather and textile fabrics have strong environmental impacts when they are tanned, dyed, printed and bleached. So, experts have designed the criteria for footwear in order to make sure harm at the manufacturing stage is reduced as much as possible. In order for a specific shoe model to be eligible for Ecolabel certification, it has to be tested against more than 200 different chemical substances.



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