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How to choose the right children's shoes for different activities

Do you also think it's a jungle to know what your children should wear on their feet? Are they too varm, or are they too cold? Which shoes are suitable for that particular activity, and what is good to think about? Below, you will receive tips on which types of shoes are best suited for different activities and what properties they should have.


Outdoor shoes or hiking shoes

If you are going out into nature and going far, it is essential to have comfortable shoes that can withstand different weather conditions. An outsole with extra shock absorption is good; it dampens the shock when the feet hit the ground. It prevents pain and fatigue in your child's feet and hopefully avoids all the whining about pain (or drag it out a bit, maybe). A sole that is made of grip-friendly material with a good pattern is also essential so your child does not slip unnecessarily.


A waterproof shoe can also be good, and the material should also breathe. Therefore, a rubber boot is not preferable. Rubber does not breathe. The heat then stays in the shoe, which leads to hot and sweaty feet and abrasions. Instead, choose an airy textile shoe with a protective and waterproof membrane (and think about the environment and buy shoes with a biodegradable membrane). It is also essential that the shoe has taped seams so that the water does not find its way in. 


Keep in mind how high the shaft of the shoe is. If you are going out into nature, it can be an advantage to have a shoe with a slightly higher shaft to prevent gravel from entering. In this way, everyone stays happy, and you will arrive at your destination much faster than if you need to empty your child's shoes every ten minutes!


A tip on a good hiking shoe
A flexible, sporty and waterproof sneaker! Halland WP is the perfect companion for spring adventures.
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Gym shoes or running shoes

Whether it is about the gym class for your child or just being active during the breaks, it's important to wear good shoes. A great tip is to have one pair of shoes that fits for several occasions. So if you are looking for shoes for the p.e. lesson in the spring, it can be perfect to buy a shoe that's also suitable for outdoor activities. Then when school ends at the beginning of summer, your child can use the shoes for the active outdoor games instead.


What to think about then? Regarding running shoes, something to keep in mind is to choose a stable shoe with a good structure. Buy a shoe with reinforcement both in the front of the toe and in the back of the heel. This protects the toes and keeps the foot in place, and reduces the risk of stepping sideways during the activity. Keeping the foot in place also prevents your child's posture and reduces the strain on the spine, which is especially important for children as they are still growing.


One more thing to keep an eye out for when looking for sneakers or running shoes is a sole with shock absorption and good grip. A good sole cushions the shock when the feet hit the ground and provide long-term support. Then you prevent pain and fatigue in your children's feet, and they can play for a long time until they get tired. Then they sleep well in the evening, and you as parents get your well-deserved alone time!


If it's a question of sneakers for indoor use, it is also important that the sole does not discolor against the floor. Therefore, all gymnastic teachers will be happy if the children do not come with a shoe that has a black sole. Therefore, choose a shoe that has an outsole with non-marking, or that has a neutral color.


A tip on a good running shoe
Klippan is a light and airy sneaker, perfect for outside play and adventures. It is made of partially recycled material and can be machine washed. Easy to put on with practical quick lacing and a strap on top with a grip-friendly rubber sole. It is coming soon in more colors and sizes!
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Indoor shoes

Indoor shoes are a jungle. They should be easy to put on and comfortable enough to walk in for a whole day without sweating. Therefore, look a little extra at which type of material the shoe are made of. When it comes to children, it is also essential that they are flexible and light, so it does not interfere with play. Good to keep in mind is to have a sole with a good grip that does not discolor. If the children are small, it can also be good to have a shoe with velcro that fits properly on foot.


A tip on a good indoore shoe
Bomhus Pippi
Bomhus is one of our most popular sandals for children. This version are made with a Pippi pattern based on the classic illustrations by Ingrid Vang Nyman.
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