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    Balsby XCS Storm grey

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    Balsby is a trendy and eco-friendly sneaker all in one. It is made of chrome-free leather of European origin. The timeless design and the fact that Balsby is covered by our repair service means it will be your companion for many years to come.

    • Size:
    Size guide

    We recommend a minimum of 5mm for the feets to move naturally.

    Inner measurement

    Size Millimeter Inches
    40 268 10.45
    41 275 10.73
    42 282 11
    43 289 11.27
    44 296 11.54
    45 303 11.82
    46 310 12.09

    Shoes made of Cross Country suede are easy to clean with a soft brush and, if necessary, with water and mild soap that is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the shoe.

    Dry your shoes at room temperature and remove eventual insoles to speed up the process. Impregnate the shoes if necessary, preferably with a water-based spray that is environmentally friendly.


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    Kavat D.O.O

    Novi Travnik, Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Our own factory. It's operating as a wholly own subsidiary and absorbed already in 2009 the majority of the shoes we previously produced in Kumla, Sweden. It's in Novi Travnik where we also run our product development, ensuring our quality promise and traceability through the supply chain. During 2017 we inaugurated a top-modern facility where today are 150 people working together to ensure production of 900 pairs of quality shoes per day.

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    Kavat D.O.O


    Repair service

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