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As New

Pre-loved shoes!

Did you know that you can return your old, beloved Kavat shoes to one of our stores? As a thank you, you get 20% off a new pair. First, we will take your shoes to our shoemaker, who fixes them, mends broken seams, and washes them properly. Then we make sure that your old favorites get a new home. Read more about our process! (Only available in Sweden)
Mended, washed, polished!

1, 2, 3 - easy as can be!

Step 1:
Submit your old favorites
Do you have old Kavat shoes at home that still has a lot left to give? Drop off your shoes at the nearest Kavat store and get 20% off a new pair. Something to keep in mind is that the shoes should be intact and clean. We only accept leather shoes. Seams can be mended, but the shoe will probably be discarded if the leather is cracked. Currently, we only accept shoes in our Kavat stores.

The discount must be used at the point of handing in the shoes. Children's shoes are exchanged for new children's shoes, and women's and men's shoes are exchanged for new women's and men's shoes.

step 2:
A renovation in our workshop!
In our workshop in Kumla, the shoes will soon be as good as new! Here we clean the shoes thoroughly and wash them with steam, which kills any bacteria. Then we replace worn-out velcro or shoelaces and put in new soles. Before the shoes are ready for the next step, we polish them and moisturize them, so the leather lasts even longer.

step 3:
Second hand, first hand!
The As New shoes are unique. Each pair sold is available in only one pair. The same model may return, but just like in a second-hand shop, we can only resell what we receive. Follow us @kavat_asnew to make sure you see the news in your feed when it's published. When you see a shoe you want to buy, leave a comment on that post. If you are the first to write, the shoes will be yours. We will send you information about what information is needed for you to receive the shoes through DM's. Payment takes place via Swish (As of right now, As New is only available in Sweden). When we see that we have received your payment and the correct information, we will send you your old-new shoes right away!
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