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We have a mission. It is to constantly look for new ways to become the world's most sustainable shoe company.

The fact that we take our environmental work very seriously is evident because we are today the world-leading manufacturer of eco-labeled shoes. Already in 2008, our first shoe was certified with the EU Ecolabel. Since then, more than 100 of our models have been eco-labeled and more will be. In 2019, the EU tightened the requirements for its certification. Kavat was first out in Sweden, and as far as we know the world, in meeting the new tough demands. Read more about EU Ecolabel here.


Our sustainability focus goes through all levels of the company, in everything from materials and production to packaging and transport. But when a pair of shoes gets a new owner, there is not much we can do but hope that they will take good care of the shoes. To do that there need to be services available. So to rest assured that we take our responsibility - through the entire lifecycle of the products - we provide two different services to help extend the life of our shoes. (As New is of now only available in Sweden)



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Kavat has always followed the development of new environmentally friendly components for the shoe industry. Sustainability for us means a holistic approach. Sustainable materials, sustainable production, and durable products. In addition to working with environmentally friendly leather, environmentally friendly SEBS rubber, GOTS certified cotton, we are also at the forefront when it comes to manufacturing shoes in recycled or partially recycled materials. We also work with waste leather where we reuse materials from previous collections. In 2019, we also became the first in the world to manufacture rubber boots made of partially fossil-free material in the form of sugarcane.



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