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Repair Service

Give new life
to old favorites!

With Repair Service, you can drastically extend the lifespan of your shoes. Simply by sending them to our authorized cobbler for a total renovation from top to bottom. You can order our Repair Service online or in one of our stores.
Repair Service


How does it work?
To get a repair is easy! First, we will send you an envelope that will arrive within two to four days. In the envelope there is a bigger Repair-bag and a return label. Next, follow these 5 steps:

1. Brush any dirt of your shoes and remove any personal insoles.

2. Place the shoes in the Repair-bag. Seal the bag and attach the return label.

3. Return the bag to your closest post office.

4. Upon reaching our authorized cobbler, the shoes undergo a total makeover.

5. We will send the shoes back to you once finished. One Repair Service takes about five weeks.*

* Please note that if you purchase your Repair Service during a campaign, the process might take a little longer due to high demand. Thank you for your patience.

What's included?
• New insole

• New outsole

• Mending any torn seams

• New laces

• Polish and shine

• Free shipping to and from our authorized cobbler

€135 • Care & Prepare • Delivery in five weeks €135 • Care & Prepare • Delivery in five weeks

Orders only within EU