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About us

About us

Kavat is the Swedish shoe company. Founded in 1945 by Ragnar Karlsson. Today, the fourth generation works in the family business. We love quality. We love design. We love how our shoes age with time. We believe that sustainable fashion of today is all about clothes and shoes that stays relevant and can be worn year after year.
Walk carefully on mother nature

Care by Kavat

We have gathered all our circular initiatives under one roof: Care by Kavat. With Repair Service, we give new life to worn-out boots through our authorized shoemaker. Through Pre-used, you can sell and find second hand Kavat shoes in our stores and at Tradera. And take care of the shoes you already have with environmentally friendly shoe care under Care & Prepare.
circular initiatives

Most of our shoes are made of leather – nature's own functional material. The leather acquires different properties through different tanning techniques, treatments, and surface layers. Here you can read more about our different qualities, so you know which material suits you best!
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Stories from Kavat
Here you can read about what is happening at Kavat; new projects, interviews, or exciting news. Happy reading!


We strive for maximum transparency with our customers, allowing you to track the global production locations of our shoes and the suppliers we partner with.
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