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    Malevik TX Dune

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    Get summery feet in a pair of Malevik. A beautiful ballerina made of conscious cotton. Light, airy, and comfortable. Available in several fantastic color combinations.

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    Narrow Spacious
    Size Helper
    Choosing the right size is no walk in the park. Use this tool to find the best fit!
    Help me measure the foot!



    If you do not have access to a measuring stick like the ones you usually find in stores, you can place the foot on a paper, slide the paper next to the wall and place the foot on top of the paper with the heel against the wall. Draw a line in front of the longest toe and measure with a ruler. It is important to stand up because the weight of the body will extend the foot by a few millimeters.

    Size guide

    It's a little bit tricky to give one general size recommendation for different shoetypes.


    Open sandals - 10-15mm

    Closed sandals - 10-15mm

    Walking shoes - 10-15mm

    Think-lined boots - 10-15mm

    Warm-lined boots - 15-20mm

    Ruberboots - 15-20mm.


    For more information visit this page: Link

    Inner measurement

    Size Millimeter Inches
    22 138 5.38
    23 144 5.62
    24 151 5.89
    25 158 6.16
    26 165 6.44
    27 172 6.71
    28 179 6.98
    29 186 7.25
    30 192 7.49
    31 199 7.76
    32 206 8.03
    33 213 8.31

    The shoes are easy to machine wash at 30 degrees without fabric softener and take out removable insoles. Dry the shoes upside down at room temperature and impregnate them if necessary, preferably with a water-based spray that is more environmentally friendly.

    Remove any insoles for faster drying. As always, when washing, some bleaching and shrinkage may occur.


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    Garrido Muro

    Calahorra, Spain

    Garrido Muro began production of textile shoes already in 1941. Today Simon and Guillermo the grandchildren are running the family business in Calahorras, in the Rioja-region, the region is famous for its excellent wines. But the region also has long ties with shoe production, especially the production of espadrilles and other textile shoes with soles of natural rubber produced with a vulcanized technology. Our textiles are GOTS-certified and are made by Poveda Textiles.

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    Garrido Muro

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