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Leather is a fantastic material. It is durable, beautiful, soft, and can be used in many different ways. Leather is also nature’s own technology with water repellent properties and breathability. A leather shoe may feel stiff at first, but as you probably know, after just a few uses, the leather softens, and soon you have a shoe that is practically fitted just for you. To speed up the process, you can lubricate the leather properly with Kavat Leather Wax to soften it.


Chrome-free and beautiful
Eco Performance Leather
Our EP leather is one of our most used leathers. It is chrome-free with water-repellent properties, and it’s made in Europe. It has a natural grain unique to each pair of shoes that, over time, develops a beautiful patina. The fact that the skins are not covered in color means that the natural marks that can be found in the skin are visible, and they breathe better. The Eco Performance Leather requires a little extra love in order for it to retain its fine properties. Clean your shoes with a damp cloth, let them dry, and moisturize the leather with Kavat’s Leather Wax or shoe polish. For heavier wear, colored shoe polish is excellent for covering marks and restoring the leather.

Durable and easy care
Cross Country Leather
Our XC leather is a functional material that is easy to keep clean and take care of. This Cross Country Leather is maintenance-free, durable, and highly water-repellent. Shoes made of XC leather are easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. They do not need to be impregnated or moisturized as long as the membrane on the top layer is intact. In case of wear and tear, you can impregnate the part that is worn away to maintain the water-repellent properties and protect the shoe.

Most of our leather comes from European tanneries, and most are LWG certified. LWG, Leather Working Group, is a non-profit organization consisting of many partners in the leather industry who have developed an environmental standard protocol for leather production. Do you want to know where our materials come from and where our shoes are made? Visit our supplier map!
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The future of leather
The leather we use is a residual product from the meat industry that would have become waste if it had not been taken care of by tanneries. According to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Swede’s meat consumption has decreased from 88.4 kilos per person in 2016 to 80.1 kilos per person in 2021 (source: Swedish Board of Agriculture). With climate change and more and more people choosing a vegetarian diet, there is a possibility that the production of leather will be affected in the future.

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