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Finally a green rubber boot!

Certified with the EU Ecolabel - We are delighted to be able to complement our wide range of products with the eco-labeled rubber boots.


Setting new standards - again!


We introduce the world's first rubber boots with the official EU Ecolabel. The two models, Skur and Grytgöl, take conscious consumption to new heights without compromising on quality. The EU Ecolabel, sometimes called the EU Flower, is Europe's version of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.




Many will recognize the familiar image of dirty children - muddy and sandy. Ready to be picked up from preschool and into the car! Lovely, isn't it? At least now we can rejoice that it is a completely green rubber boot!


Dirty but still green
Det är i alla fall är en helt grön gummistövel!
Köp nu



What is the EU Ecolabel??


The EU Ecolabel is the official EU eco-label awarded to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their life cycle, from raw material production to waste management. When a product, such as in this case bioplastic rubber boots, receives the EU Ecolabel, it means that they have met strict environmental performance and longevity criteria. It includes aspects such as greatly reduced use of hazardous substances, good quality, recycled packaging material and therefore minimizes the impact on the environment, both during use and disposal of the product.



Statement from the Nordic Swan Ecolabel


- We congratulate Skofabriken Kavat for pioneering the industry by obtaining the EU Ecolabel label for its rubber boots. This shows a clear commitment to more sustainable consumption and is a great step towards a more environmentally friendly fashion industry. We look forward to seeing more players in the industry follow this example," says Ulf Eriksson, product specialist at Ecolabelling Sweden, which is responsible for the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel on behalf of the government.