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Where do our shoes come from? From the factory, of course! But before that - before the shoe has been passed through several hands with years of experience in shoe manufacturing and gone from a few pieces of leather to a sturdy boot, many different parts are produced in many places for this particular shoe to become a reality. So where do our shoes come from - really?

In our quest to become one of the world's most sustainable shoe companies, we choose our partners with care to produce a timeless and durable shoe. An essential part of our journey is to make sure that you can feel confident in the choices you're making. Therefore, we want to allow you to look into the choices we have already made for you in the form of materials and manufacturers. So, without further ado, we proudly present our latest initiative: The Map of Transparency!

It all started with an idea, a January afternoon when we brainstormed about increasing our transparency.

- Why not make an interactive map? You can click and scroll through all our partners, see where in the world they are located, read about who they are and why we chose them. In that way, we can visualize a regular old supplier list and really show where everything originates from.


Said and done! We emailed our web developer Per. He was on board from the get-go.


Slow and steady wins the race. The project evolved all through spring, and now we finally have the pleasure of presenting it to the world, our Map of Transparency. It is exactly what it sounds like: a map of our manufacturers and suppliers, so you can click around and see where we produce our shoes. It has a single purpose, to answer the question: Where do our shoes come from - really?