What are all of these abbreviations? On this page we have gathered informations about the different materials that we use.

    • EVA


      EVA is a very light material with shock-absorbent properties. It is a material that is often used in running shoes. The bottom of the EVA-sole is often a mix of EVA and natural rubber to increase durability and grip. Models like Halland and Idre have EVA-soles.

    • Flexible Sole

      Flexible Sole

      All our soles are designed with care and tested to be functional in several aspects. A sole should be durable and be comfortable. It should be pliable and, at the same time, be stable. The grip is important, and it should protect your feet against sharp objects. The materials can not contain any chemicals that are dangerous for your health or the environment. These are our principles when we are choosing and designing our soles. The shoes for our youngest must be extra soft and flexible and assist the child in their first steps.

    • PU


      PU is a very light and durable material. The sole contains a lot of air, which gives the sole insulating properties. The bottom of the sole is made from HDPE in order to have a good grip, even when it's slippery outside. Classic models like Aspa and Yxhult have PU-soles.

    • TPR


      TPR is short for Thermoplastic Rubber and is a very common sole-material. It is easy to work with and can have a lot of different designs and patterns. TPR is not as durable as PU, but it is a more flexible material and has a better grip. Models like Edsbro and Bodås have TPR-soles.