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Repair Service

Give new life
to old favorites!

With Repair Service you can drastically extend the lifespan of your shoes by simply sending them to our workshop in Kumla, Sweden. Here, we do a total renovation from top to bottom. You can order our Repair Service online or in one of our stores.
Repair Service

€80 • A total makeover! • Delivery in 5 weeks €80 • A total makeover! • Delivery in 5 weeks

How does it work?
To get a repair is easy! First, we will send you an envelope that will arrive within two to four days. In the envelope there is a bigger Repair-bag and a return label. Next, follow these 5 steps:

1. Brush any dirt of your shoes and remove any personal insoles.

2. Place the shoes in the Repair-bag. Seal the bag and attach the return label.

3. Return the bag to your closest post office.

4. Once the shoes arrive at our circular center we will give them a total makeover.

5. We will send the shoes back to you once finished. One Repair Service takes about five weeks.*

* Please note that if you purchase your Repair Service during a campaign, the process might take a little longer due to high demand. Thank you for your patience.

What's included?
• New insole

• New outsole

• Mending any torn seams

• New laces

• Polish and shine

• A Kavat Leather Wax

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"Superb Repair Service! Great job they've done." "Superb Repair Service! Great job they've done."

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