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Skofabriken KAVAT since 1945

Repair Service


Give new life to your shoes!


Repair service is part of our vision to be the world's most sustainable shoe company.

We will take care of your shoes in the best possible way, based on their existing condition. We will fix all the broken seams. Change the soles and put on new shoelaces. We will clean them deaply and polish the leather to make it look like new again. You will be able to continue to use your favorite shoes for many years to come, and you will also do the environment a favor by reusing instead of buying new.


Today we offer repair services on selected models for adults.



How does it work?

You send your shoes to us along with a form that you find on the same page where you place your order. You will find the link down below. We ask you kindly to clean the shoes carefully before sending them in and remove any insoles you want to keep. We can only handle clean shoes. We will then return the shoes for free as soon as they are ready. Expect four weeks.





"I submitted my 8-year-old shoes from kavat_sweden on their repair service and they became so incredibly fine, finer then when they were new. I am so incredibly pleased and happy for such good service"


Some of our consumers who submitted their shoes at a Repair Service say that the shoes got even more beautiful than when they were new.

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