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Spring/Summer 2024




Embark on a journey where each step becomes an experience. Our latest spring and summer collection is brimming with exciting novelties. Drawing inspiration from a palette of enchanting pastel hues, the seasonal colors radiate quality, comfort, and functionality at its core.


Natural Shape
Millions of children have taken their very first steps in a pair of Kavat shoes, and countless more are set to follow suit. This season, we proudly unveil the next generation of learn to walk shoes, meticulously designed to nurture every stage of your child's development. Looking back through history, we've seamlessly blended the timeless appeal of yesteryear with the finest contemporary innovations. The result? A collection boasting retro, sporty, and classic designs destined to endure the test of time. With over 80 years of expertise, we haven't merely introduced a fresh collection – we've established a cornerstone that equips your child with the optimal conditions for a life brimming with play and adventure. Explore our range, available in various models and sizes from 19-24.
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Many of you have expressed the desire for us to expand our range of sneakers, and we've listened! Introducing Malen – a rugged children's shoe crafted from soft XC leather with a toe cap made of durable suede. It's water-resistant and, of course, machine washable at 30°C. Built on a Strobel construction for added comfort and flexibility, it features a treated outsole for better grip. Available in two stylish colors and sizes ranging from 24-35.




Skene TX
We've revamped our textile shoes. Crafted from recycled cotton and featuring a natural rubber sole for additional cushioning. Naturally, they are machine washable at 30°C. Available in sizes 24-33 and a variety of delightful colors and patterns!




KAVAT X Séverine Monsonégo
We've joined forces with the French multi-artist Séverine Monsonégo, who has crafted two graphic patterns featuring organic forms. Her creations draw inspiration from nature, the rhythm of time, seasonal changes, and life's adventures. These playful patterns are printed on recycled cotton, conveying feelings of positivity, joy, and happiness. Available in various models for both children and adults!



Experience a new standard of style and comfort with our latest sandal, Länna. Equipped with an incredibly soft and breathable microfiber footbed that makes you feel like you're walking on air. Available in classic colors such as black and beige, the combination of elegant design and superior comfort makes it perfect for the summer wardrobe.




Leather classics
At the heart of our philosophy is the use of leather, nature's own technology. We have harnessed its potential from the beginning to craft shoes that not only exude quality but also boast a remarkable lifespan. Genuine leather classics that never go out of style and can be worn year after year!