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Huseby Pippi XC Pink

Huseby is a well-made sneaker that fits perfectly in the spring and cooler summer days. It is made of chrome-free leather and is easy to put on thanks to the wide opening and practical hook and loops. This version is made with a Pippi pattern based on the classic illustrations by Ingrid Vang Nyman.

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Size Helper:
Choosing the right size is no walk in the park. Use this tool to find the best fit!
Help me measure the foot!



If you do not have access to a measuring stick like the ones you usually find in stores, you can place the foot on a paper, slide the paper next to the wall and place the foot on top of the paper with the heel against the wall. Draw a line in front of the longest toe and measure with a ruler. It is important to stand up because the weight of the body will extend the foot by a few millimeters.


Huseby XC is: 


  • Made in chrome-free Cross Country Leather (XC)
  • Guaranteed free of fluorocarbons
  • Treated to be water- and dirt repellent
  • Extra toe coverage
  • Easy to take on/off thanks to wide opening and functional hook and loops
  • Lined with chrome-free leather
  • Reinforced in the front, and the back to protect the foot and keep it safely in place
  • Grip friendly rubber outsole

    For every sold shoe from the Pippi collection, we donate €2 to support the campaign Pippi of Today and Save the Children and their work to help girls on the move. Learn more at

Shoes produced in Cross Country leather are easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. The leather does not need to be impregnated or greased if the membrane on the outside is intact. In case of wear damage, you can impregnate the worn part to maintain the waterproofness and protect the shoe.

Dry your shoes at room temperature and remove eventual insoles for faster drying.

Size guide

It's a little bit tricky to give one general size recommendation for different shoetypes.


Open sandals - 10-15mm

Closed sandals - 10-15mm

Walking shoes - 10-15mm

Think-lined boots - 10-15mm

Warm-lined boots - 15-20mm

Ruberboots - 15-20mm.


For more information visit this page: Link

Inner measurement

Size Millimeter Inches
22 142 5.54
23 148 5.77
24 154 6.01
25 161 6.28
26 169 6.59
27 176 6.86
28 182 7.1
29 190 7.41
30 198 7.72
Kavat D.O.O, Novi Travnik, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Our own factory. It's operating as a wholly own subsidiary and absorbed already in 2009 the majority of the shoes we previously produced in Kumla, Sweden. It's in Novi Travnik where we also run our product development, ensuring our quality promise and traceability through the supply chain. During 2017 we inaugurated a top-modern facility where today are 150 people working together to ensure production of 900 pairs of quality shoes per day.

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Kavat D.O.O
SKU 51953201979
Style Sneaker
Upper Cross Country Leather (Chrome-free)
Lining Leather
Insole Microfiber
Closing Velcro
Outsole Rubber (TPR)
Material XC
Color Pink
Country of Manufacture Bosnia & Herzegovina

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