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Hi there, Gimo!

Gimo has been the children's favorite for over a decade and will likely continue to be so for more decades to come!


Wet and frosty conditions.


Gimo WP is designed with little explorers in mind, and offers a perfect blend of quality, warmth, and functionality. They are made for play in any kind of weather. Crafted from premium and partly renewable materials, they are incredibly smooth and lightweight. Your child's feet will stay warm and dry, thanks to the cozy lining. The design allows kids to put on and take off effortlessly, promoting independence and hassle-free dressing.


We take pride in our commitment to quality. Gimo are built to last and withstand the most adventurous escapades. They are machine washable, and the lining is replaceable, making them easy to maintain and extend their life. Seen from a product life cycle approach, probably the best rubber boot you can buy during colderseasons!



The best friend in cold and sleet
Gimo WP
Make every adventure unforgettable with boots that are as exceptional as your little one.
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The first mold-casted rubber boots entered the market during the 1970s. These boots were typically crafted from liquid or granulated PVC and often mimicked the appearance of leather boots. As the 1990s and 2000s rolled around, new, more environmentally friendly materials became available, prompting us to embark on its own development journey in 2010.


The inaugural version of Gimo, as it stands today, was introduced in 2011, originally known as Kavat Slask. A key component of the Gimo concept is its ingenious removable and replaceable lining system. The inspiration and purpose behind Gimo draw from a combination of rain, snow, and mud. It's a boot designed for colder weather compared to a typical rubber boot, often referred to as "Allväder" in Swedish, translating to "all-weather" in English.


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The name Gimo comes from the old-Swedish word Gimmu believed to mean gimma (gap or opening) which describes what matters to kids. It should be easy and go fast take boots on and off yet offer comfortable fit. Over the years we have seen the boots in a wide range of colors.


Remember that rubber does not breathe. Therefore, we recommend that the boots are allowed to rest and dry out between uses. Remove the lining, wash/dry separately when needed.