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    These general terms apply to the purchase of products from Skofabriken Kavat AB (corporate identity nr.: 556736-4814) (”Kavat”) via Internet (e-commerce). Kavat is the selling party and you (“the customer") are the buying party. The conditions are intended for sale to individuals aged 18 years or more.

    At  www.kavat.com it is easy to place an order. Kavat receives your order once you have completed the payment through Paypal’s checkout. When Kavat has received your order you will receive a confirmation message to the e-mail address you entered when ordering.

    A binding purchase agreement takes effect once our order confirmation message is sent via e-mail to you. The terms of sale presented on this page constitute part of the Agreement. Kavat will contact you immediately if we are unable to deliver the order you have placed. Should this happen, we will try to offer an alternative solution or reimburse you to the amount of your order.

    All prices are listed in Swedish crowns (or in Euros if selected) and include Swedish VAT, currently at 25%. We reserve the right to change our prices because of changes in VAT rates. Swedish VAT is not included in orders placed to countries outside of the EU, but bear in mind that domestic toll and VAT fees may apply.

    Unclaimed shipment fee
    If you, the customer, do not collect an order as agreed, we will charge you a fee of 200 Swedish crowns including VAT. This fee is necessary for us to be able to cover costs for return shipping and handling. Please note that failure to claim or collect an ordered shipment does not automatically constitute cancelling of the purchase.

    We only accept card payments via the certified payment solution Stripe from a number of different card companies. Payment with payment cards (VISA or MasterCard) entails no additional fees. The total sum is charged to your account directly upon purchase, even if the goods is not delivered straight away, for instance items temporarily out of stock. We reserve the right to not handle orders made with credit cards if we believe we have reasonable grounds not to do so. In that case the order will be cancelled and the order amount will be reimbursed.

    The following cards are accepted at checkout:

    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • American Express (Amex)

    Kavat begins implementing the Agreement once you, as a customer, receive an order confirmation message via e-mail. Kavat has fulfilled its part of the Agreement once you have received the complete delivery of ordered products to your nearest postal outlet in accordance with the postal address you have stated. You as a customer have fulfilled your part of the Agreement once you have paid in full for your order and collected your shipment.

    Deliveries are carried by PostNord and delivered to your nearest PostNord outlet. Kavat ships orders during normal working days.

    For deliveries in Sweden

    • If the order amount exceeds 200 Swedish crowns no shipping charges are added.
    • If the order amount is below 200 Swedish crowns a shipping charge of 50 Swedish crowns is added.

    Delivery time:

    We always try to ship your order within 5 working days. Out-of-stock-items are shipped as soon as we have them back in stock. If an item has become discontinued, you will be notified via e-mail.

    Your shipment has to be collected within 14 days of the notification date. Unclaimed shipments are sent back to Kavat, and you, as a customer, are charged a re-shipping fee of 200 Swedish crowns including VAT.

    The right of withdrawal applies for 14 days after you have claimed your shoes at your PostNord outlet, meaning that your return item has to be shipped within 14 days after you have collected the original package. Your shoes have to be sent back in unaltered condition in their original packaging and in the same or similar bag they were delivered in. If done so, we will make sure you will get your money back as soon as possible, at the latest 14 days after we have received your return package. Please note that gift cards are non-returnable.

    In accordance with Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act the withdrawal period is 14 days, (2 kap. 9 § och 13 § distans- och hemförsäljningslagen (2005:59). This means that you are legally entitled to withdraw you purchase and return the goods, or notify us that you intend to return the goods within 14 after you have received it. To be able to make use of your right of withdrawal you need do return the goods, or inform us of your intention to return the goods, within 14 days of your receipt. You also need to make sure the goods is in an essentially unaltered condition. After that, you are bound to resend us the goods. 

    Please note that goods manufactured or altered upon customer request, or goods that in another way has been given special features, are not subject to the right of withdrawal.

    At the moment we are unable to handle exchanges. If you wish to exchange an item, for instance into a different size or colour, simply return your item to us and order another one at www.kavat.com.

    This is only applicable for customers at Kavat.com/Kavat.se. We recommend that you return the shoes back through a public and/or DPD connected postal service, or with a courier who delivers to the door.
    Address for returns when using a public and/or DPD connected postal service:
    Skofabriken Kavat AB
    Box 101
    692 22 Kumla

    Address for returns when using a courier with signed for delivery at the door:
    Skofabriken Kavat AB
    Radiogatan 2
    692 71 Kumla

    You are responsible for packing the items in such way that they are not harmed during the freight. If you regret your purchase or change to another item/colour/size you stand for the return freight.


    If you, as a customer, have bought a product as a private person, you have the right to return that product if it is faulty as described in the Swedish Consumer Sales Act (1990:932) and Swedish Consumer Service Act (1985:716). The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects and applies for three years after the product has come into your possession. The warranty also covers defects that have occurred during transport of the product to you (see Complaints Caused by Transport Damage below). A product that differs from the product agreed upon between you and Kavat, or in another way exhibits deviances can also be regarded as defect. Defects that have occurred because of damages that you have inflicted do not constitute manufacturer’s defects.

    If you issue a complaint regarding a faulty product more than six months after the product has come into your possession, it is also your responsibility to demonstrate that the product’s fault is a manufacturer’s defect. Kavat therefore recommends you to thoroughly examine products upon delivery and notify us about any faults as soon as you find them. If you issue a complaint regarding a faulty product you, as a customer, are primarily entitled to having the fault corrected, secondarily entitled to having your product replaced with a faultless product. In some cases you are also entitled to having the agreement cancelled and your payments reimbursed. If your complaint is approved you shall be indemnified against any costs that may arise because of the complaint. For instance, costs for reshipping a faulty product shall be reimbursed by Kavat. Please note that you, as a customer, should minimize, as far as possible, any costs that may arise when a product turns out faulty.

    Contact details for warranty claims.

    E-mail: ebutik@kavat.com

    Always contact Kavat before returning any products.

    Proviso of cancellation

    Kavat reserves the right to cancel the Agreement if the customer has acted in bad faith because of inaccuracies that the customer knew or should have known, such has incorrect information about prices or quantities at kavat.com. Should the proviso of cancellation be effected, the customer has no right to damages or other compensation from Kavat.

    Proviso of change

    Kavat reserves the right to change the contents of kavat.com without notice in advance, which includes but is not limited to, range, prices and campaigns. However, such a change does not change Agreements already entered between Kavat and a customer.


    Kavat shall be deemed except from all obligations under the Agreement, if liability would otherwise have occurred because of events which are beyond the Agreement, Kavat’s business or as otherwise provided by mandatory law.

    Force Majeure

    In the event of government action or non-performance, new legislation, labour conflict, war or threat of war, major disruptions of public order, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstances beyond Kavat’s control that Kavat could not reasonably overcome or predict, Kavat has the right to advance the date of their performance under the Agreement or withdraw from their obligations in the Agreement. In such an event Kavat shall not be liable to compensate the customer for any damages to the customer on account of this.

    External links

    Kavat is not liable for any damages or problems with customer hardware or software that may arise because of the customer visiting external websites via links published on kavat.com.

    Subject to change because of changes in taxes and other charges.

    In case of significant changes in taxes or other governmental charges, which have a significant impact on the conditions of the Agreement, Kavat reserves the right to cancel the Agreement. In case of such an event, the customer has no right to damages or other compensation from Kavat.

    Subject to change because of shipping delays beyond Kavat’s control

    In case a shipping delay should arise due to circumstances beyond Kavat’s control, Kavat is not to be held accountable for any damages that occur because of said delay. In case of such an event, the customer has no right to damages or other compensation from Kavat, unless this has specifically been agreed upon between Kavat and the customer, or is provided by mandatory law.

    Kavat respects the privacy of those who make purchases through the Kavat website, and we abide all applicable legislation, including the Swedish Data Protection Act (1998:204), designed to protect the privacy of individuals. The personal data which you provide in conjunction to the purchase of a product through the website is processed by Kavat which is the data controller. By entering an Agreement with Kavat and thereby registering as a customer, you consent in letting Kavat process your personal data and use the information in accordance with applicable legislation.

    The information that you, as a customer, give us, such as contact details and other personal data, will not be used for other purposes than handling your purchase, contacting you because of your purchase and to give you access to certain information and services. Personal data can be transferred to other companies that are approved by Kavat for necessary processing and in order to fulfil the Agreement on behalf of Kavat.

    The information that has been entered on the website will also be statistically processed by Kavat. These statistics are used solely to improve the website’s features for visitors and customers.

    Your personal data is not stored longer than necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing, to avoid misuse of the website and to enable Kavat to fulfil its legal obligations.

    Data controller:

    Skofabriken Kavat AB
    Box 101
    692 22 Kumla

    Personal data which is stored:

    • Name
    • Adress
    • E-mail
    • Phone number
    • Purchase history at Kavat


    If you, as a customer, have entered into an Agreement as a private citizen you are entitled to request and obtain your records once a year without cost. Your records show the information about yourself stored with us. To obtain you records, please send a signed request to the postal address stated above. If it turns out the information we have about you is faulty, incomplete or misleading we will of course rectify it.

    Deregistering customer data

    You, as a customer, are entitled to having your customer data removed upon written and signed request, with the exception of data needed by Kavat in order to maintain accepted accounting principles.

    The purpose of the information

    All information on Kavat.com, regardless of its format, is published solely for informational purposes for visitors to be able to use the site. Kavat does not assume responsibility for any consequences that may arise if this information turns out to be faulty or is used for other purposes that the ones mentioned above.

    • Fake orders and fraud
    • Any fraud or fake orders will be reported to the police. IP addresses will be logged.
    • Disputes
    • Kavat always abides the recommendations of the Swedish Public Complaints Board.


    Please contact us at ebutik@kavat.com if you have any further questions regarding these terms of sale.