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    Kavat runs its own factory in Bosnia. Thanks to the fact that we own the factory, we have total control over all steps in the production chain and the components being used in the manufacturing. The factory is ISO certified 9001 and 14001 and fulfils the demands to manufacture shoes labelled with the EU Ecolabel, Europe’s official eco-labelling system.

    Some models in our collections are manufactured by external partners. We carry out inspections ourselves at these factories to make sure that the working conditions are good for the people working there, and that all materials and components being used in the manufacturing process meet the current demands for the EU Ecolabel, which also constitute our own policy for a sustainable shoe production. 

    We still have a small scale production in Sweden. 1945 by Kavat, models Postiljonen and Konstapeln are produced in collaboration with the Shoe Industry Museum in Kumla, and have quickly become very popular. We also arrange classes about shoes, leather and shoe manufacturing in the museum to spread our knowledge about the craftsmanship and how to make sustainable shoes.