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    Dear Kavat customer,

    It has come to our knowledge that the eyelets which the shoelaces are threaded through, can be loose on some pairs regarding our learn-to-walk model Edsbro XC. This is only relevant for pairs made for season SS19.

    This concerns our new color variants Edsbro XC Violet, and Edsbro XC Blue Heaven, both made in a slightly thinner and softer XC leather. 

    Since we want all our customers to feel safe with us and be satisfied, we kindly ask our customers to check concerned Edsbro XC by feeling the shoe's eyelets for deviations. If any eyelet is loose, detached, or could come loose with time, see below information:         

    - If the product is purchased directly from Kavat, either from www.kavat.com or in any of our Kavat Stores, please contact support@kavat.com for further handling.

    - If the product is purchased from one of our retailers, please contact your retailer directly. This applies regardless of whether the product is purchased in a physical store or online.

    - Are you a Kavat retailer? Please send an e-mail to logistics@kavat.com for further handling.
    For other questions regarding the above information please e-mail support@kavat.com, our customer support team is always available.