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    To measure the shoe
    Place the meter against the heel counter and keep it in place. Push down the measuring-tape until it hits the front part of the shoe, where the shoe is at its longest. The measuring-tape must be placed along side the insole for the measurement to be correct. Read the measuring-tape while it is still inside the shoe. It’s not that unusual that different people get slightly different results because of how the measuring-tape is being placed and how much power you use. Be sure to always read the manual of your measuring equipment of choice.

    How to measure

    • The measuring-tape should follow the line of the sole, in the same line that the foot will follow inside the shoe.
    • Read the stick while it’s still inside the shoe.
    • The measuring stick must be held steady at the back of the heel all through the measuring. 

    How NOT to measure

    • The measuring stick does NOT follow the line of the shoe that the foot will follow.


    When you are measuring your Kavat shoes
    Measuring a shoe can be a bit tricky and that is why we at Kavat have already done all the inside measuring for you. You can rest assured that there is always competent staff here at Kavat who carry out the inside measurement of the Kavat shoes. If you take the measurements of your Kavat shoes yourself, be sure to use the right technique and preferably use a measuring stick of the same brand and make as we do. We have noticed that different measuring sticks can provide different results, this is the stick we believe comes closest to the real distance: AZZEZO. But fact remains, different people use different amounts of force and place the stick differently when measuring shoes. That is why we give our measurements in approximative numbers.