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    At Kavat, we are very particular when choosing materials and components. During four generations, we have learnt a thing or two about what’s in our shoes. That is why we have developed symbols for the different materials and constructions we use in our shoes. The symbols are easy to identify and you can find information below about the features, purposes and advantages of the different materials.



    Kavat XC (Cross Country) Leather is produced in Europe. This leather is maintenance-free and strongly water repellent. The material is free of perflourinated and polyflourinated substances. Shoe care: Shoes made of XC leather are easy to clean using a moist cloth and gentle soap. They don’t need to be impregnated or greased as long as the surface layer is intact. If the leather becomes worn the damaged surfaces can be impregnated to maintain watertightness and protect the shoe.  

    Kavat EP (Eco Performance) Leather is produced in Europe. A chrome-free leather with water repelling properties. It has a natural grain, unique to every pair which over time develops a beautiful patina. Shoe care: The eco-labelled leathers demand a little extra love in order to maintain their excellent properties. Clean with a moist cloth, leave to dry and grease with an uncoloured show wax. The Kavat Eco Wax does the trick! 

    Kavat Waterproof with upper made of durable leather and recycled nylon. A breathing, waterproof polyester material is attached between the upper, lining and sole. Shoe care: These shoes need regular impregnation, preferably with a water based spray which is more environmentally friendly.

    Kavat Woolblend. A unique lining material. By weaving the wool together with polyester, a more durable and longer-lasting lining material is created. Eco-labelled and developed in Ålesund, Norway.

    Kavat Conscious Cotton is a cotton fabric. A harmful substances free product according to Oeko-Tex standard 100 Product Class I. Fulfilling the conditions applied in relation to human ecology and the standards for baby products.

    Shoes with this symbol are made, in part or in whole, with recycled materials.

    Shoes with this symbol are made in Sweden.

    Shoes with this symbol are resolable. Applicable for selected items in the adult’s collection.