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    Our concept is about quality, design and sustainability. A products ability to last over time. To us, shoes are not just something to put on your feet. They are what grounds you to earth - and what could be better than shoes that are eco-friendly and made with respect for Mother Nature?

    Kavat has over 50 styles certified with the EU Ecolabel.



    The EU Ecolabel helps you identify products and services which have a reduced impact on the environment through its life cycle. From material through the production chain, when the product is used and when it becomes waste. The EU Ecolabel is an environmentally friendly label that is recognized all over Europe and it is the official ecolabel of EU. Today we at Kavat have over 50 models which have been certified with this label. Read more about the EU Ecolabel here.



    Kavat Repair Service

    As a part of our sustainability work we offer repairs of your old Kavat-shoes. Applies to selected models for women and men. Read more about Repair Service here.