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    Kavat shoe factory was founded in Kumla in 1945, and the ambition to make the world's best children's shoes is as obvious now as then. Since the beginning we have been a company at the forefront in the development of children's shoes, and now also on the adult side. Every year, 300,000 pairs of shoes is produced in our own factory in Bosnia & Herzegovina with 150 employees. In Sweden, the company has 30 employees working mainly at the office. Sales for 2016 was just over 109 million SEK, and clearly shows the increase in the interest and demand for environmentally friendly shoes. Kavat shoes are currently sold in over 20 countries and has over 50 models certified under the EU Eco-label, which makes Kavat a world leading manufacturer of eco footwear.

    International B2B Seller focusing Germany  

    For a general inquiry, please email your cv to: info@kavat.com.