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Measure the shoe

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This is how we measure our shoes.
Place the meter against the heel cap and hold it in place. Push down the tape measure until it gets to the front of the shoe, where the shoe is the longest. The measurement should be in conjunction with the shoe sole for the reading to be accurate. Read the tape measure as it is still held in place inside the shoe. It is not uncommon for different people to have the dimensions differ slightly depending on how hard you push and where you place the measuring stick inside the shoe. Always read the instructions for your specific measuring stick.


Keep in mind that:

-The tape measure should follow the sole, the same line that the foot will follow inside the shoe.

-The measuring stick must be kept firmly in place at the back of the heel at all times.

- Read off the stick while it is still held in place inside the shoe.


Measuring shoes can be a little tricky.
Therefore, we specify the inside dimensions for all our shoes. We have routines to make sure our shoes are measured according to the same conditions. Sometimes different people may have slightly different dimensions. This can depend, among other things, on where the measuring stick is placed, how the shoe is shaped, and how hard you press. Therefore, we specify approximately inside dimensions.


If you measure your shoes yourself, make sure that you use the right technology and that you prefer to use a measuring stick of the same brand and supplier as us. We have noticed that different measuring sticks can give different results. We use the Springyard-Sizer brand.