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    Blog — Ecofriendly


    Say hi to BODÅS #SWE17. These classic Chelsea boots are available in the color reddish brown in a limited edition of 160 pairs. Each pair is created of chrome-free leather from the Swedish tannery in Tärnsjö and the production is done in Kumla. 

    These boots are created with passion and attention for craftsmanship and details. Take care of them and they will walk with you for a lifetime.

    BODÅS #SWE17 are release on Friday September 29.


    Now it’s September and the autumn is here. Therefore, we would like to tip you about our most popular shoes, boots, rubber boots and accessories for the days of rain and debris, but also for the days of sunshine and leafs swirling around.

    The youngest members of the family need shoes that are easy to take on and off. They also need waterproof rubber boots for pre-school adventures and shoes with a lining that’s easy to remove to dry. With a wool sock and impregnation spray, both the small feet and the shoes feel good.

    For women and men, water adventures may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the autumn is knocking on our doors. That’s why we are talking about boots that suit both jeans and costume pants, to the festivities of everyday and the weekend. Eco wax and shoe cream make your boots feel tip-top and helps them last for many years.

    We wish you a nice autumn!



    The new outdoor magazine Suston writes in its first issue, which premiere in conjunction with the German Ispo trade show taking place in Munich right now where also Kavat participates, on the new wave of repair facilities offered. More and more manufacturers are providing customers the opportunity to mend and fix their old loved the products, and one of the brands that this article highlights is Kavat. Click the image above for a larger version of the article.

    More information about our Repair service can be found here.

    Make well worn shoes look like new

    In this post, we show how some good shoe care can achieve the above.

    Leather is the nature's own technology. Our water repellent leather creates the most comfortable wearing experience and keeps your feet naturally dry and contented. One of the nice things about our chrome-free, all-natural full grain leather Eco Performance, is that it's possible to polish it up nicely again even for really heavy wear. Below, we review the process on how to get the shoes look like new again.


    The shoes that will be freshened up is a pair of dark brown Kavat Norberg EP, which as apparen below has been through a lot:


    We start by doing an in depth wash, here you can use a gentle leather soap or, for example, bile soap. Use the soft side of a sponge that is damp and work up a good lather, and be sure to rub thoroughly so the soap can remove the ingrained dirt:


    Then rinse the shoes under running water. If the inside is very sloppy, also rinse this:


    Then let the shoes dry until they are completely dry, preferably with some paper tucked in them to retain their shape:


    Here the washed shoe is dry:


    As you can see the leather right now is very dry, so they should not be like this too long after thewash, now they need moisture, care and protection. In less worn shoes it's enough with our Eco wax, and preferably at least a couple of layers. On these shoes that were very worn and abraded more is needed, however, so here we anoint them first with shoe cream. Shoe creams usually comes in a tube or glass jar, and are found in most shoe shops, cobblers and department stores. Today there's also environmentally friendly alternatives available. Choose a cream that's similar to the colour of the shoe, but it certainly doesn't need to be in the exact same color.

    Apply the shoe cream in several thin layers. Take a small amount on a cotton cloth (an old T-shirt that have been cut into smaller pieces is fine) and work the cream into the leather with circular movements. When a shoe is freshly washed it takes quite a lot of cream, it requires less when the leather is saturated:


    Once you've applied a thin layer of shoe polish all over the shoe allow the leather to absorb the product for 5-10 minutes, then take a brush and brush them up to remove any residues:


    When the shoes are washed and need much care, plus that big scratches need to be covered, you need to apply at least two-three layers of shoe cream in the same way as above. For the regular care it works great to use Kavat's Eco-wax, and then when the shoes received heavier scratches or have washed and need to be moisturized and re-coloured properly like, pigmented shoe cream is good.

    Here's some pictures of the final result, with one shoe that has gone through the procedure above, while one is untouched to show the difference. This is the great thing about leather, it's a living material that can be nurtured and restored in a unique way: