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    Kavat's CEO presentation at the EU's Green Week in Brussels

    Kavat has been chosen to speak during the Green Week Environmental Conference on the subject; To create green jobs and contribute to economical sustainable growth in the EU, including social responsibility.
    The Green Week is the EU's largest annual conference on environmental policy, bringing together politicians, industry representatives, non-governmental organizations, academies and the media for a unique exchange of ideas and best practices.
    The EU Ecolabel not only helps consumers to identify products and services with reduced environmental impact, but it also leads to business development and green employment.
    The EU Ecolabel celebrates its 25th anniversary and highlights selected success stories. Since 2008, Kavat has over 50 models certified with the EU Eco-label.
    "We are, of course, proud to be one of the selected companies, that has been noted and that we have the opportunity to spread our working methods and our philosophy of sustainable quality. Something that pays off in the long run, for everyone, not least the consumer and the environment. We will present Kavat and our work with the EU Ecolabel during the Green Week. We will explain how we could create growth and new jobs by eco-labeling our shoes, "says Kavat's CEO Magnus Ericson.
    ''We were inspired by the innovative approach that Kavat has, which considers the whole life of the shoe'', says Sylvie Ludain, EU Ecolabel team leader at the European Commission. ''With the growing interest in sustainable fashion, it is important to promote trustworthy environmental labels, such as the EU Ecolabel.''
    The Green Week takes place between 29 May and 2 June and Kavat is included in the official program on May 31, when Magnus Ericson presents the company's success story.



    The new outdoor magazine Suston writes in its first issue, which premiere in conjunction with the German Ispo trade show taking place in Munich right now where also Kavat participates, on the new wave of repair facilities offered. More and more manufacturers are providing customers the opportunity to mend and fix their old loved the products, and one of the brands that this article highlights is Kavat. Click the image above for a larger version of the article.

    More information about our Repair service can be found here.