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    Do you know someone who will take their first steps during this spring? Then it is important to have a pair of good and smooth shoes. There is so much to think about when it comes to both fit and choice of material. We have made children shoes since 1945, so we know a lot about fit and material.

    We are expected to walk a distance of about 2-4 laps around the world during a lifetime. And what will carry us all the way? Our feet. So give you child a good start with a pair of shoes from Kavat.


    To find the right size, start by measuring both feet. In our own Kavat stores and at most of our retailers, you can get help to measure the feet and try out the correct size. If you prefer to order in our webshop and measure the feet at home, you can read some tips here.


    1-2 years of age about 20 mm / year
    2-3 years of age about 15 mm / year
    3-11 years of age about 10 mm / year

     Children feet can grow as much as five millimeters in a month. Therefore, it is important to measure the feet on a regular basis. Too small or too narrow shoes can damage the foot because the skeleton is still growing and shaped when the child is young. And there are not many children who will tell you when the shoes has become too small. It is up to you to keep an eye on it. 

    So how do you know when the shoes are too small? Well, they are so when it is less than five millimeters left in front of the toes. Then it is time for a pair of new shoes. For each step the child takes, the feet move a bit and they need a space of five millimeters infront of the toe so it do not tough the front of the shoes.


    All our ”learn-to-walk” shoes are made of environmentally friendly leather that is completely free from chrome. Eyelets, buckles and any zippers are always made of nickel-free material. Good for small kids’s feet and good for Mother Nature

    The sole of our smallest children shoes is extra soft and flexible.This makes it easier to take the first steps when the child has just learned to walk. The sole should have a good fit, be flexible and at the same time stable. It should have a good grip on the ground and protect the feet from sharp objects. The materials must never contain any environmentally hazardous substances.


    The shoes are easy to open and are easily adjusted with lace or with a hook and loop based on what the foot needs.


    Edsbro EP became the first eco-labeled children shoe in the world. Today, it is one of many models in our ecolabelled range.


    If you have questions when buying your child´s first shoes, you are always welcome to one of our stores or email support@kavat.com. We respond as soon as possible and will help you with tips and advice on how to think about the important first and future shoes.


    Here you will find our models specially designed for the first steps.



    What a season! We have Tattoo on tour through our stores. We have released several special and limited edition collections that almost sold out directly. And now we are finally launching our shoe collaboration with the world cup skier Frida Hansdotter.

    We are proud sponsors of the Swedish Alpine Ski Team since 2013. The skiers have many times expressed how they like our boots. The fact that Frida and the rest of the ski team choose Kavat when they are not skiing shows that we offer world-class quality and fit.

    Together with Frida, we have developed a classic jodhpur in graphite gray leather that Frida has put her mark on. The boots are timeless, comfortable and functional. Frida says this about the cooperation:

    I am wearing Kavat after training and competition. It is important to wear good shoes and my feet feel mighty fine in shoes from Kavat after a day on the slopes with hard slalom shoes on my feet. It is also super cool to develop my own boots.


    The Frida Hansdotter edition will be launched on 30 November and will be available in a limited edition in our own stores, in our web shop and at Ryns Skor in Västerås.

    We wish Frida and the rest of the team good luck in the World Cup. And we hope you like the Frida Hansdotter edition as much as we and Frida do.

    To the Frida Hansdotter Edition


    We believe in many things. We believe in using only the best materials. In a passion for the craftsmanship. In sustainability. But we do not believe in overconsumption and unnecessary shopping as an effect of today's travels.

    We believe in being grateful to Mother nature. And we do not just want to be grateful, but also give back by supporting a caring consumer culture, where we take care of things that still works. For example, shoes that may just need a new sole. Therefore, we at Kavat started a green call together with the companies Adisgladis, Naturkompaniet and Skosalongen.

    As a part of our green call, we offer 50% discount on our repair service. The discount only applies this Friday 24th November (enter the code into the checkout).


    (At Adisgladis, Naturkompaniet and Skosalongen, the discount only applies in their physical stores).

    You can also get the discount at www.kavat.com. Click here to go directly to the repair service. The discount only applies this Friday 24th November. 

    We wish you and your old favorite boots a great weekend!

    Kavat Green Friday


    We have a nice range of waterproof shoes.

    Kavat beautiful winter image

    Compared to our classic leather shoes, the waterproof shoes have a sportier look. A 100 % waterproof and biodegradable membrane is placed between the outer material and the lining. This membrane is created like a whole sock to avoid seams. But there are tiny holes in the membrane that helps the material to breathe. However, these holes are too small to allow water to penetrate. Thus the shoes are waterproof. The outer material is partly made of recycled textile / nylon and on some models there are parts of leather details.


    Although the shoes are waterproof, it’s good if you also have a pair of warm rubber boots during days with a lot of rain. Then the regular shoes will have a chance to rest and dry properly between the times they are worn. This also helps them to last longer.

    All shoes with membrane feel mighty fine when they get some love from an impregnation spray at regular intervals. This prevents water from ending up between the outer material and the membrane. But when should you give your membrane shoes this extra impregnation? If the outer material begins to soak up the moisture instead of keeping it on the surface, it’s time for some heavy shoe love.

    Care instructions for waterproof shoes: These models can be washed at 30° in the washing machine. Remove the inner sole and wash it separately. Both the shoes and the sole must be dried at room temperature. Never tumble dry them. You can also clean the shoes with water and a mild detergent. In order for the shoes to stay great, they should be impregnated with a spray on a regular basis. Remember to pour out any gravel and sand from the inside. And behold! Now the shoes are tiptop again.

    Our shoes are carefully tested at a laboratory to ensure that the construction lasts for what we promise. Pop the popcorn, lean back and check out our short behind the scenes video.